logo-maintenanceRunning for Others

Blingrunners, LLC catchphrase is Run for Fun, Run for Others, Run for the Bling! A “fund run” is where the “Run for Others” comes into play.

Fund Runs are a great way to raise funds for your organization or favorite charity. Blingrunners makes it easy to setup a fund raising event that requires no manpower hours for the actual event and a very small time investment in getting the information out to the people you want to reach.

Blingrunners, LLC will create a fully customized “fund run” for your organization, including fully customized bling to be awarded to each participant. Each paid donor gets the bling whether they run the race or not.

For details on setting up your “Fund Run,” contact us today at 941-380-3336 or via email at info@blingrunners.com.


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